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Wednesday, Kimberly, and London play Strip Spin-the-Bottle 08/22/2011
Hey, does anyone out there like girls with big tits? Yeah, me too. Although actually, I also like girls with medium tits and small tits as well, but this week, top-heavy chicks are on the menu. We haven't seen Wednesday for awhile, and here she makes her return appearance with big-bosomed Kimberly and enormous-bosomed London. The game: spin-the-bottle. The forfeit: the losers have to make out. Make out naked, that is... but you didn't need me to tell you that, did you?

Strip Jarvis with Maya and Je C 08/22/2011
Je C and Maya square off for their last match, testing their luck in a game of pure chance to see who's going to have to show off an awful lot of skin to the patrons of the hotel bar. The loser goes down wearing only a thong and a couple of pieces of duct tape over her nipples.

Two Games with Paris and Ashley (and Alan) 08/22/2011
WOW! Not one but two complete games, featuring two fan favorite girls, for a bargain price! What's the catch? Well, here's the thing. These videos were shot a long time ago, when I was still very new to this, and as a result feature some of the worst videography I've ever been embarrassed to publish. Worse, it was my first day with the new mic, and I didn't realize how badly it'd pick up the sounds of the camera and tripod. The best thing that can be said about the quality here is that it shows how far I've come.

Strip Screw-Your-Neighbor with Dick, Holly, Zayda, and Franco 08/22/2011
It's the final game in the series featuring these four. I'm really not sure what I was thinking when I invited Holly to play a game as complex as Screw Your Neighbor, but somehow she managed to muddle through.

Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Addie, Malloy, and Candle 08/22/2011
Fan favorite Addie returns, along with newbies Malloy and Candle, making their very first (but not last!) appearances at Also appearing are Simon and Chuck. They didn't play in the game, but they had an important role to play. Two games in one! It starts with a simple game of rock-paper-scissors, with a bit of a twist: the winner of each round gets to choose what the loser takes off. If you need a spoiler for this game, Malloy loses... but the other two girls are stripped down to just their socks.

Strip Mogadishu with Alexis and Ashley 08/22/2011
These two return to play their final game together, at least for now. So far, Alexis has gotten skunked, losing to Ashley every single damn time. Will this one be any different? Stay tuned and find out. (If you really need to know, no, it doesn't. Ashley finally loses.)

Strip Jarvis with Navarre and Erin 08/22/2011
Erin returns to challenge new girl Navarre to a high-stakes game of Jarvis. If you don't remember the rules, it's a simple game of pure chance. One girl is red, the other is black. They take turns turning over cards until there are three of one color, and that girl has to strip. The poor loser has to don an outfit consisting of a teeny-tiny thong and a couple of pieces of tape over her nipples, then go on an excursion to buy a drink. Following a lengthy elevator ride with several interested bystanders, she ventures into the incredibly crowded hotel bar to buy her drink.

Strip Noname with Maia and Catherine 08/22/2011
Please welcome two beautiful new girls to There's punky Maia (not to be confused with Maya), and vivacious Catherine. I love Maia's tight little body and Catherine's voluptuous one.

Strip High Card with Candle, Addie, and Malloy 08/22/2011
This is the second "lost episode" update, this time with girls only. They play a simple game of High Card, trusting everything to luck. They play until there are two naked losers. The winner then presents her feet for the two losers to worship.

Ashley and Paris play Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors 08/22/2011
If you look in the dictionary under "lucky", you might just see a picture of Alan. He gets to sit between Ashley and Paris as they have a little game of strip rock-paper-scissors, and he also gets to hold the clothes they lose. But even better, he gets a nice up-close view as the loser performs her forfeit: masturbating to orgasm in front of the winner, and Alan, and all of us. The loser has a little difficulty performing with such an audience, so after awhile the winner goes over to help her out. As Alan says, "That was pretty hot." You never spoke a truer word, Alan.

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