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Danielle Penny Samantha Rock Paper Scissors (HD) 05/25/2011 is proud to present 3 players making their debut with us. Danielle, Penny, and Samantha play the classic Rock-Paper-Scissors with the loser getting handcuffed and tickled. Without giving away any spoilers, the "game" portion of this video takes approximately 5 minutes of the time. I'm no mathematician, but that leaves more than half of the video for the forfeit (and trust me, they deliver).

Elizabeth Lily and Julie play Snip Surgery (HD) 05/25/2011
Break out the scissors again... here's another game of Snip surgery, where touching the sides means an article of your clothing gets cut off your body. These three young ladies give it a try, and do their best not to lose, because the ultimate naked loser gets a paddling from the other two girls. The girls are really focused and careful not to mess up. Also, when a girl gets to cut a piece of clothing off of another girl, she takes her time and puts on a good show for the viewing audience (and for me, of course.) Because of this, the video is unusually long, and for that reason is priced at a lower than usual per-minute rate. Enjoy.

Strip Bizz-Buzz with Sarah, Kandie, Zayda, and Cara (HD) 05/25/2011
Four girls, three male spectators. The ladies play Bizz-Buzz until two of them are stark naked. The losers have to be the sex slaves of the winners. When setting out the rules for this game, I left the meaning of "sex slave" entirely up to the winners, offering no direction as to what they should make their slaves do. The two winners went in entirely different directions with this.

Strip High Card with Kala and Elizabeth (HD) 05/25/2011
Two fan favorites return to play a simple game of High Card, with the low card each time having to take off a piece of clothing. They can keep playing when they're naked, but if they lose again, they must pay the price. The loser not only has to open her legs so the camera can see everything, she has to give us a detailed tour of the anatomy of her pussy. By the time she's done, she doesn't have many secrets left. And the winner gets to grab a camera and film the whole thing, for that personal touch.

Spin-the-Bottle with Iris, Asia, Berenika, and Tatiana (HD) 05/25/2011
Two games in one! Four new girls make their debut appearance, starting with a simple game of spin-the-bottle. (Berenika and Tatiana are Russian, BTW. I dunno about you, but I've always found Slavic accents to be sexy.) Each girl has a deck of clothing cards, and when the bottle lands on her, she has to draw one and take off that piece of clothing. They play until three girls are naked, and then the losers have to play the penalty game: a naked race down the hall and back. The two losers of the race end up getting groped by the other two.

Strip Jester with Alan and Raven (HD) 05/25/2011
These two are back to play a high-stakes memory game. The loser is going to be handcuffed and tickled for five whole minutes.

Strip Jester with Charlie and Cyndi (HD) 05/25/2011
The first game these two played together was smokin' hot. And afterward, the loser was eager to take her revenge, so here we present the rematch. Winner gets to do whatever she wants to the loser. The loser of the last game told me that she planned to "do to her what she did to me" if she lost. The winner of the last game kept quiet about what she had planned.

Strip Noname with Ashley and Tiana (HD) 05/25/2011
Last time I put a clip in Category:BLOW JOBS, I got chewed out because that was a spoiler. This time, I don't need to fear: somebody will get a blowjob at the end of this, and no spoiler's involved. Perennial favorite Ashley and ebony beauty Tiana return to play this game that at the time I hadn't thought of a name for yet but which I'm now calling Noname (no-NA-may.) Kenny, the referee for their ice race (see episode 127, "Ice Race with Ashley and Tiana") is watching with great interest, because whoever loses this one has to give him a blow job. Either way, he wins.

Estonian Roulette with Cara, Sarah, Candi, and Zayda (HD) 05/25/2011
Quick... if you can guess what number I'm thinking of, I'll send you a free copy of this clip! Just kidding... but I bet that more than half of you guessed the correct number. If you didn't, think about it while you read the rest of this clip description. It'll come to you. Please welcome new girls Cara and Sarah. They join sophomore Candi and veteran Zayda in a rousing game of Estonian Roulette. They play until they have two naked losers, then the losers have to engage in... simultaneous mutual oral-genital stimulation (get it yet?) in front of the winners plus the three male spectators, who are there just to enjoy the show and provide color commentary.

Strip-Tac-Toe with Amberly and Lily (HD) 05/25/2011
This isn't just Strip-Tac-Toe, it's electric Strip-Tac-Toe. One girl is red, the other green. There's a 3x3 grid of lights, and if a girl hits one with a beanbag, it switches to a random color. The first girl to get three of her color in a row wins. The other one strips. The loser has to masturbate... for the winner, and for an old friend who drops by to catch the show. And the winner is not very gracious. She mercilessly taunts the loser while she's desperately trying to make herself cum and get the ordeal over with. Hence, Category: BRAT GIRLS. I can't think of anything more bratty than annoying and distracting someone while she's trying to masturbate.

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