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Mia, Ashley & Ashton Play Strip Memory 09/18/2009
The three girls are back to play a different memory game. Each girl is wearing five pieces of clothing. Thirty cards are facedown on a table, two for each piece of clothing in the game. When a match is made, that piece of clothing comes off. Will Mia do better this time? Forfeit: The losers rub baby oil into each other's breasts

Sasha & Vivian Play Strip High Card 09/18/2009
I love the bodies of every single girl who's played a game here at I think they're all hot and sexy. that being said...I've been a little distressed by their lack of ethnic diversity. Not that I have anything at all against white chicks, but I really would like to see a broader spectrum of color on this site. That's why I was so glad to meet Sasha and Vivian, two lovely lasses of Puerto Rican descent. Hey, it's a start. For their first appearance they played our simples game, High Card. They each draw a card, whoever gets the low card has to strip. Showing alot more foresight than most girls show when preparing for a game, they both layered up with lots of clothing to give themselves an advantage. Despite that, this game was very close all the way, coming right down to the wire. The forfeit? Well, this shoot, like most of mine, took place in a hotel, and the loser had to go out into the hallway stark naked and run down to the end and back. Complicating things... well, as I said in the description for Danielle, Aurianna, and Lily play Strip Jester (which took place in the same hotel), there was a convention of church ladies in town. While the naked loser was standing nervously in the doorway waiting to make sure them demands that I move the camra before they'll pass. Isn't that special?

Tristen & Stephanie Play Strip Four In A Row 09/18/2009
Tristen is a statesque beauty standing nearly six feet tall. She towers over blonde Stephanie, at 5'2". They're rushing

Derek and Gina Play Strip Hi-Lo 09/18/2009
TDerek and Gina return to play this simple card game. They take turns guessing whether the next card off the deck would be lower or higher. (I usually play that a tie always loses, but forgot to tell the girls that this time.) An incorrect guess costs you a piece of clothing. This is the second meeting of these two girls. Did last time's loser even get the score, or is one of the girls starting a streak? If you must know. Derek wins again, the loser has to rub baby oil all over her breasts and nipples.

Faith, Arwin & Brigid Rock Paper Scissors 09/18/2009
Please welcome three new girls (goths, every one) to! For their debut, they're going to play a simple game of strip rock-paper-scissors. The losers -- the two losers -- get spanked. With the winner's bare hand. Ten times each. Ouch...There are some nice red heinies after this one. Spoiler if you need one: Arwin wins, though she ends up topless. The other two have to strip naked and take the spankings.

Addie & Simon Play Strip Four In A Row 09/18/2009
Addie challenges her friend Simon to a game of Strip Four-in-a-Row. After some early successes, she cockily dares Simon to raise the stakes beyond mere nudity for the loser. Way beyond. This excellent video features our most daring forfeit to date.

Lily, Elise, Amber & Sean Pie Eating Contest 09/18/2009
We saw this group go for dinner at a local hamburger drive-thru, now it's time for dessert. With their hands behind their backs, they dig into a luscious whipped cream pie. The last one to finish gets coated with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and sticky maple syrup. This isn't a simple coat of whipped cream and syrup mind you. The ENTIRE bottle of maple syrup gets emptied onto the poor loser. The entire mess is then rubbed all over the loser (not missing any nooks and crannies). Additionally, the 3 winners (and the camera) get up close and personal to make sure that the loser is completely coated. We are also treated to the clean up and shower (and further inspection by the winners to make sure the loser is squeaky clean). While the clip is a bit long, the pie eating is completed after 6 minutes leaving plenty of time to enjoy the loser's predicament.

Mary & Amber Play Strip Memory 09/18/2009
Mary and Amber are each wearing 6 articles of clothing, and they gave 24 cards: two for each piece of clothing they're wearing. They take turns turning over pairs of cards. If they match, off comes that piece of clothing. The nake dloser gets a nice forfeit, or rather an ice forfeit. The winner gets to rub the loser's breasts and nipples down with ice. The girl who wins takes her duty very seriously and goes over the naked, shivering, and soon quite moist loser quite thoroughly until the ice cubes are nearly melted and her nipples could cut glass.

Ashton & Mia Play Wet Rock Paper Scissor 09/18/2009
Yup, not Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors, Wet Rock-Paper-Scissors. The Canadian cuties are back to play this interesting mix of a stripping game and a wet T-shirt contest. Both girls are clad in nothing but thin T-shirts and panties. Each time they lose a throw, they get a cup of water poured on them....first the back of the panties, then the front of the panties, then two to the chest. A fifth loss costs them the game, and the loser has to remove her sopping clothes and get a bucket of water tossed at her.

Raven & Alan Play Strip Dice 09/18/2009
Raven and Alan are back for more. The last time we saw these two, we got to see a lot more of Alan than we did of Raven. This time it's strip dice with the loser getting bent over for a rather firm padding. Is the luck of the dice any kinder to Alan than the luck of Rock-Paper-Scissors??? We will get to see of Raven than we did last time??? Will one of these players be unable to sit down for a week? Full Spoiler: Alan does once again get naked, but not before Raven is naked and down to her last-chance roll (more than once). With both players naked, the final roll favors Alan, and Raven bends over and takes her licks.

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