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Strip Cutthroat with Zayda, Franco, and Julie (HD) 05/25/2011
Time for another game of pool! This time, it's Cutthroat... if you don't know how to play, it's simple. Three players, each has five balls. Zayda has 1-5, Julie 6-10, Franco 11-15. If one of your balls is sunk (no matter who sunk it) you lose a piece of clothing. Each player is only wearing four pieces, though, so they have to keep playing another round even after they're naked. I should mention, guys, that these people all really suck at pool. I mean, I really suck at pool and I could probably wipe the table with these guys. Do not buy this clip expecting to see skillful use of a cue stick.

Strip Hgh Card with Asia, Iris, Tatiana, and Berenika (HD) 05/25/2011
I thought I'd already published everything I had with these four, but then I found this little one hiding on my hard drive. Hope you like it. It's something a little tamer, for fans of softcore forfeits... that's all I could get these girls to do.

Strip Screw Your Neighbor with 6 girls and 3 guys (HD) 05/25/2011
Whew! Behold our first ever nine-player game! Veterans Johnny, Julie, and Naomi join rookies Franco, Zayda, Jay, Sky, and Lexi, along with sophomore Lieza for a six-girl, three-guy free-for-all. Each time a player loses a piece of clothing, he or she has to stand in front of the group, strip, and do a twirl to give everyone (and the cameras) a good look. The ultimate losers (there are four of them) have to give the cameras an even better look.

Strip Fuckit with Malloy Chuck Candle Simon and Addie (HD) 05/25/2011
Three lovely ladies and two, um, presentable men face off in a free-for-all game of fuck-It. Screw up and lose a piece of clothing. Get naked and do a forfeit. Three will end up exposed; two will escape with modesty and dignity intact. Our cute but chaste production assistant Prudella made us a series of cards featuring yoga poses, some of which are quite explicit and revealing. Each of the three losers has three random poses drawn, and has to hold each pose for five seconds. By the end, they don't have many secrets left.

Strip Memory with Kala and Elizabeth 05/16/2011
A couple of weeks ago, I published a game featuring with a tickling forfeit. A fan asked if the victim were restrained in any way, and I said no, so here's one where the answer is different. Kala and Elizabeth square off in a game of Memory. This was before I had my snazzy clothing cards printed and I didn't have any index cards, so they used playing cards... ten through ace, with each card representing a particular piece of clothing. And the loser is, as I said, handcuffed and tickled.

Sasha and Vivian play Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors 05/16/2011
Get ready... this one crosses into brand new territory for Lost Bets Games Productions. This time they keep it in the room for a quick game of Rock-Paper-Scissors with the loser posing for not only our camera, but for the winner's personal camera (with threats of posting it on her myspace page).

Shockingaw with Mia, Sammy, Ashton, and Julie 05/16/2011
These four girls are back to play Shockinaw, the game where the loser gets an electric shock. To be honest, I felt pretty bad about getting these girls to play this game. They didn't want to, but I convinced them that it was "for art." So, well, here it is. Hope you like it.

Strip Bender with Camilla, Taylor, and Nicole 05/16/2011
Get ready... this one crosses into brand new territory for Lost Bets Productions. These three play Strip Bender to two losers. And the losers pay the ultimate price: they're handed over to Dante and Johnny, who get to fuck them. This one is looooong. The girls were pretty good at the game, which lasted about 25 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of some good ol' suck-n-fuck.

Strip Noname with Raven and Alan 05/16/2011
Raven introduces this as "this game that Red still doesn't have a name for yet." Hmmph. Well, missy, it just so happens that I have a name for it. From now on, this game is Strip Noname. Three syllables... you say it "no-NA-may". So there. Last time these two met, Alan tanned Raven's ass good with a leather strap. Raven wants revenge, and this time she has access to the official paddles. Loser has to take twenty (twenty!) strokes from the paddle, and by the end, the loser's red ass shows how effective it is.

Best in Show with Zayda, Franco, Dick, and Holly 05/16/2011
Presenting Best in Show, where doggies and masters compete to find out which pup is more obedient, athletic, and graceful. Of course, these aren't real , they're the losers from last week's game of Pong. As their punishment, they have to wear the leashes for this one.

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