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Strip Shockinaw with Faye and Liilii 04/19/2011
The loser of this one has to streak the hallway. "You wanna do it anyway, so you're just going to purposely lose, aren't you?" asks Faye. Um, no. Nobody loses Shockinaw on purpose. Losing at Shockinaw hurts. It's a good forfeit. For one thing, I happen to like the loser's body (and the loser was Faye, not Liilii, especially when the winner handcuffs her wrists behind her back, which was a treat for the passerby in the hallway. This was the last game of Shockinaw before the machine broke. (If you pay close attention, you can see it starting to malfunction in this one.

Strip Spin-the-Bottle with Claire, Julie, and Elizabeth 04/19/2011
I can't help it, I just love popping cherries. In this case, the maiden in need of deflowering is Claire, a cute little brunette friend of Julie who's never shown her stuff on camera before. (There are things that Julie and Elizabeth have never shown on camera before, too, and we'll try to fix that in a future game.) This one started off a little bit differently... the girls were driven in by their friend Troy the night before, slept in the room, and then I showed up in the morning, giving the girls their instructions in envelopes. They're still in sleepwear for this game, which they quickly find out is simply Spin-the-Bottle.

Strip Basketball with Camilla, Nicole, and Taylor 04/19/2011
Introducing three new girls... three new girls who, IMHO, are among the cutest we've seen so far. There are some great games featuring them coming up, including some which go farther than we've ever gone before at For now, though, they're playing for who has to answer the door for the pizza guy naked. Strip basketball... when a girl sinks a basket, she gets to choose one of her opponents, and then personally strip her of an article of clothing. Two naked losers will greet one very lucky pizza guy.

College student Lexxi 04/19/2011
Lexii is a college student I met at a bar in Florida while looking to hook up with some huge cocks. I had her come over to meet and laugh at Jack. She had never seen a penis so small. Watch her make fun of it and jerk his little dick.He doesnt even fill up her hand. Once again we get to laugh at Jacks pathetic penis.

From Russia with love of small dick 04/19/2011
This leggy blond is amazing! She looks great with her skimpy outfit, but even better without. She oils up and gives us an amazing view of her glorious body. After warming herself up every which way with an array of toys, she is ready. Joe can't resist tasting her juices before joining the fun. His small penis is met with a "wow" reaction before she gets down to business. She easily deep throats his cock with an amazing array of stroking and sucking until he explodes on her face.

Screw watching the game, let's fuck!! 04/19/2011
After a long day of work Joe is relaxing on the couch watching the game. His girl, hot and willing, comes over tries to persuade Joe to fuck her. Joe decides he'd rather watch the game instead, but that didn't stop his extremely horny girl from getting her way! She quickly strips off her clothing and starts playing with her hot shaved pussy. Seeing his girl caressing her wet pussy and perfect tits, Joe gives in and decides the game is not so important after all! She then begins to satisfy Joe with a nice blowjob and even a titjob between her plump rack! Joe finishes off by cumming all over her busty chest! I doubt Joe will ever pick watching a game over sex with her again! Enjoy!!

Petite blonde fucking a chubby guys tiny dick 04/19/2011
This petite and cute looking blonde slut went to a porn audition, where she got fucked by a chubby and small dick guy!

Cute first timer sucking dick 04/19/2011
Cute black haired slut went to a porn audition where she had to show how good she can suck a tiny dick on video!

Busty bombshell making him cum hard 04/19/2011
She uses her insane huge tits and her mouth to make this tiny dick guy cum all over her!

Double the fun in the Great White North 04/19/2011
Joe takes his lucky ass to Canada, where he is fortunate enough to run into Brittany and Melissia. These two dirty sluts are eager to show that Canada has more to offer than hockey. They get right to work with a double team blowjob on Joe's little dick and balls that never get neglected. Brittany takes the lead, showing how nasty she can get. She easily takes Joes cock in her butthole, pussy and licks it clean with her mouth. Brittany and Melissia are sure to pay as much attention to each other as they do Joe. The dirty talk spewing out of Brittany's mouth is enough to make you blow your load while watching, so you will certainly understand the huge load Joe unleashes upon these two.

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