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Cute blonde sucking and fucking a tiny dick 08/28/2009
Jack had the opportunity of a lifetime when I had Jada Stevens over to play with him. He has seen so many movies with her in them and he's totally infatuated. Well he had no problem getting hard, but when Jada realized his penis wasn't going to get any bigger, she wasn't too happy. She sucked his little dick just like she does in the movies...except she didn't gag or deep throat it. How could she?!?!? It's too freakin' small! She got on top of him and tried hard to make the best of the SMALL situation, but it wasn't doing much for her at all. But god bless Jack. He was having a ball and even came while she was fucking him.

Pornstar Bailey riding on a two inch dick 08/28/2009
Bailey is a friend of mine who came over to see Jack. She has a super hot body. I knew Jack was gonna LOVE her. She stripped for him and sucked his little dick to get it nice and hard. It didnt' get bigger, but it did get harder. Bailey tried fucking Jack for a while but she wasn't getting any pleasure out of it, so she suggested he eat her pussy. He did. Jack tried really hard to satisfy her with his tongue cuz we all knew his pathetic excuse for a cock wasn't going to. Bailey decided to try fucking him again. She rode him like a cowgirl but his tiny pecker kept popping out. When she laid on her back so Jack could fuck her missionary style, she couldn't even feel it! Jack finally came after she was stroking his little wiener for a while. When she saw how little he came, she was annoyed and left.

Cute blondie stroking a tiny dick for the first time 08/28/2009
Everyone's favorite Paige is back to see how Jack measures up. Watch her break out a measuring tape, she measures Jack pathetic penis and than two different sized dildos. She compares Jacks pathetic penis to the dildos. She goes on how little Jack doesnt match up. She jerks him off, making fun of him the whole time. Poor Jack, I feel bad for him even though i'm behind the camera and laughing at him, I can't help it...we both made fun of him hysterically and Laughing when his little wee wee spits out all over Page's hand.

French girl giving a tiny dick some great actions 08/28/2009
I met my friend when I went to school, she was foreign exchange student. When I found out she lived in the town Jack was shooting. I had her come over, knowing she is used to huge cocks. Her hubby has wonderful big and thick cock. Watching her reaction to little jack was priceless. Watching her very lightly shrouded disgust as she made fun of him in english and in french. So he was humiliated in two languages. Eventually she didn't want to play with his little penis anymore and walked away leaving him with little blue balls or marbles to describe it better :).

Two girls vs one tiny dick 08/28/2009
Bailey sits on the bed and invites her girlfriend over to check out jacks small penis. Catera has never jerked anyone off with 2 fingers until now. Catera said she'd have to break up with a guy if his dick was as small as jack's. Catera is used to using two hands to jerk a guy off. Bailey said jack must have been standing in the wrong line when they gave out big dicks. Catera's even worried about hurting jack's dick cuz it's so little, she thanks Bailey for showing this penis to her...cuz now she's going to have funny stories to tell. Bailey takes Catera's earring off to compare it to jack's dick, its the exact same size, then they both try playing ring toss with her hoop earring and his little penis. I told her the prize is a big cock! lol Catera wonders if this is like kissing a frog and having a prince appear, like if his little penis cums, a big cock will appear... no such luck! lol there are some really nice closeups in this video. These two are hilarious, they're having a ball humiliating jack about his small little wee wee...pathetic and oh so funny!

Girl with a great body humiliating a tiny dick 08/28/2009
My friend was out on spring break, I know some of guys she has dated. She loves huge cocks, the bigger, the thicker, the better. So I surprised her with little jack. She said her little finger was bigger than Jacks small penis. She laughed while stroking Jacks little penis comparing it to her thumb and if she had dated Jack the moment she saw his little penis she would of been gone LOL. After he came she couldn't wait to leave and as she left she said bye little cock. I have to remind her something that small could never be called a cock.

Tiffany having some fun with a small dick 08/28/2009
I told Tiffany I had this well hung buff guy for her. Well she came over and got a small penis surprise, she could not believe her eyes... Watch as she laughs and humiliated Jack, she talks about how small his little penis is and those peas he calls balls. Watch her stroke him till he pops his little pathetic load. Poor little Jack couldn't do much, he just lays there and takes it like a champ, this clip was too much fun...:)

A hot neighbor with huge tits and a tiny dick 08/28/2009
Yesterday was one of the rare times my neighbor Elle was home. She is a very hot milf and she is a big cock lover. So I told her I had a surprise for her and it was time to laugh at Jack. She was shocked his penis was so small and made fun of it the whole time she was jerking him. She has huge tits and she compares his little penis to them, of course they are nothing in comparison to jack little wee wee, it's so funny watching Jack just laying there getting humiliated by this sexy milf.

Crazy wild girl getting her freak on 08/28/2009
This crazy wild girl is getting her freak on with the iceman, watch as she goes crazy my dick.

Iceman giving a body slide 08/28/2009
Watch as I get on top of this sexy girl and putting my cock right in front of her face, the girl couldn't believe it, she just opens her mouth and let the dick slips right in.

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