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Paris, Ashley, and Addie play Strip High Card 04/19/2011
Three lovely ladies sit down to bet their clothes on a game of pure chance. It's about as simple as it gets: they each turn over a card, and whoever has the bad luck to draw the lowest card forfeits an article of clothing. They keep on playing until two girls are stripped to their birthday suits, and then the two losers have to suck on the winner's nipples.

Strip Estonian Roulette with Asia, Iris, Tatiana, and Berenika 04/19/2011
I've gotten a lot of requests for the return of this foursome. One Asian cutie, one all-American cute, and two Russian cuties, what's not to like? They play Estonian Roulette until there are two naked losers (naked girls keep playing until they lose again) and then the two winners doodle on them with markers. If you like marker forfeits, you'll like this one... the winners go at it for literally 15 minutes and get pretty creative and artistic.

Strip Memory with Amberly, Lily, and Amber Heavens 04/19/2011
On the left, Amberly. On the right, Amber Heavens. One is sporting a freshly-waxed pussy, the other is sporting a freshly-inflated pussy. Between them, the one who's responsible for all of this, Lily. The other two are out for revenge. Did they get it? As we were setting up for this shoot, the girls were chatting candidly with each other. I thought it was cute, so I left it in. The girls have great rapport and there's a lot of bantering as they play... um... I forget. The loser gets wrapped up in plastic wrap (Saran™ is a trademarked brand which is not affiliated with this production in any way) and paddled by the winners. They throw in a little gratuitous tickling, too.

Strip Dice with Heidi and Samantha 04/19/2011
These two non-conventional girls return for a simple game with a simple forfeit. Each girl rolls a d20, and whoever rolls lower has to take something off. The loser (who's the girl who loses again after she's lost all her clothing) gets drawn on with markers by the winner. The winner takes her responsibility seriously, and gets good (if a bit repetitive) coverage of the loser, front and back.

Strip Noname with Addie and Simon 04/19/2011
Addie and Simon are back for a head-to-yhead rematch. Chuck, Mally, and Candle spectate, hoping to see nude female or male flesh depending. The winner gets to do whatever he or she wants to the loser. Because of that, the rest of this clip description will be considered a spoiler. Don't read it if you're brave... but don't say I didn't warn you, either.

Strip Win Lose or Take It Off 04/19/2011
Ever watch the old game show "Win, Lose, or Draw?" This is sort of like that, except it involves stripping. Each girl takes turns being the one to hold the marker, while the other three try to guess what she's drawing. If one of them gets it, the other two have to take something off. If nobody gets it within one minute, the draw-er has to take something off, and so does another girl of her choice. This was a fun one. They play to two losers, who get doodled on by the winners. Enjoy.

Lily, Elise, Amber, and Sean play Strip High-Card 04/19/2011
Wow. This was a hot one. Four players, three girls, one guy, play a simple game: they each turn over a card, and whoever's low loses a piece of clothing. Nothing fancy. Except the loser has to drive through the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant, order some food, pay for it, and pick it up, all completely stark nude naked. No bullshitting here. No actors, no sets, no scripts, no rehearsals... just a real girl behind the wheel of a real car in a real drive-through.

Strip Beer Pong vs Franco,Holly,Dick & Zayda 04/19/2011
Presenting our beautiful new beer pong table! The old one was pretty good, but a little plain. This one's so much cooler. Franco and Holly team up against Dick and Zayda. Each player has four pieces of clothing and five cups. When a cup is hit, its owner must drink the contents and take off a piece of clothing. Once all five cups are hit, the player is out of the game. BTW, this game was not rigged or fixed in any way...

Strip Bender with Claire, Julie, and Elizabeth 04/19/2011
Brand new game! Can you believe that it took us this many episodes to get around to this classic? Three girls convolute themselves on the mat, while friend Troy spins the spinner and calls the shots. And these three are terminally cute. I don't think they played the game according to Hoyle, but it hardly matters. One of these girls is really, really good at this game. One is a cheater. And the last, while I love her body, I must admit it's really not built for Bender. The other two, far too kindly, let her get away with flagrant rule violations, and she still had her generous ass handed to her.

Estonian Roulette with Alan and Raven 04/19/2011
This is the last game that these two played, since we all had plans to go to a party afterward. So we decided to make the party part of the game. They play Estonian Roulette -- if you don't know how to play, check one of the earlier clips with this game. And the forfeit? The loser has to go to the party naked.

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