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Strip Spin-the-Bottle with Amani, Serena, Jessie, Alicia, and Tiana 02/27/2012
These five girls arrive for their final game, a classic game of spin-the-bottle. Only in this version, when the bottle lands on you, not only do you have to kiss the spinner, you have to let her remove a piece of your clothing as well. The girls keep playing once they're naked, until two girls have lost all their clothes as well as their dignity. The two losers have to engage in an orgasm race: they straddle the massager and try to make the other girl come. Whoever loses that has to have sex with the bottle. While the loser is doing that, the other girls figure out that if they touch the part of the bottle outside her with the massager, it makes the bottle vibrate and drive the loser crazy.

Strip Screw-Your-Neighbor with Zayda, Lucretia, Ashley, Elise, and Natalia 02/27/2012
Three fan-favorite girls return (including a much-requested matchup, Ashley and Zayda) along with new hotties Lucretia and Natalia. They play Screw-Your-Neighbor suddendeath style: each girl has two tokens, and when she loses a round, she loses a token. If she doesn't have any tokens to lose, she has to take off all her clothes and be tickled by the group. At least, that was the plan. Sometimes, things work out differently than planned.

Strip Fuck-It with Ashley and Rainy 02/27/2012
First, a word of warning: the first game featuring these two provoked a good bit of controversy. If you didn't like or were offended by that game, I strongly recommend that you give this one a miss. Smokin' hot Ashley returns with extremely pregnant Rainy to play Fuck-It. The winner gets to do whatever she wants to the loser.

Dicksaber Duel with Princess Lily and Darth RyAnne 02/27/2012
Princess Lily is hiding out in the Freedom Fighter base (cleverly disguised as a modestly-appointed suburban living room) when she's surprised by the evil Darth RyAnne. They whip out their Dicksabers and start swinging at each other, using a mystical force known as the Power. They'd better be careful, though: if a girl gets hit by a Dicksaber in an article of clothing, that article will disintegrate! The girls fight valiantly, but in the end, there can be only one. Once one of the combatants's clothing has been completely destroyed, leaving her exposed and vulnerable, her victorious opponent uses the Power to make her her bitch... literally. A quick bolt from her saber, and the loser's mind is wiped out, to be replaced with the mind of a dawg (the correct spelling of which Clips4Sale inexplicably censors).. The winner has some fun with her new pet, leashing her, feeding her from a bowl, and making her do tricks. Good doggie!

Ashton and Mia play Strip Hi-Lo 10/18/2011
Ah, these two. The very first girls ever to play at, and two of my favorites. They're just so cute. When I first met them, they were pretty shy, and weren't willing to risk even opening their legs on camera. I eventually managed to talk them into it, and one of them ended up having to scissor open her legs for our viewing pleasure. Not too happy with that, she challenge the winner to a rematch... and lost that one, too. Now they're back, with the double loser trying yet again to get her friend to show off what she had to show off. To make the experience even more revealing, the winner will not only have to open her legs, she'll have to remove her pussy hair, to make sure everyone can see everything. This was the last game they played, and the last chance for the loser to get her revenge.

Strip Jester with Amber and Ashley 10/18/2011
Ah, what to say about this one? I've said in the past that sometimes, after a game is over, I'll feel like it didn't go very well and that the footage won't be very good, and then be surprised when I actually take a look at the footage. This is a special case of that... I didn't think it went very well, but going over the final video I can't for the life of me remember why I thought it didn't go very well. This one is hot as hell. The game is Jester, but that's not really important right now... this one's all about the forfeit. I supplied the girls with an assortment of vibrators, hogtie cuffs, and colored markers, and told the winner that she could do whatever she wanted to the loser for twenty minutes. She did. It was awesome.

The Pizza Trilogy, Episode I 10/18/2011
Presenting the first of three games featuring forfeits involving very lucky pizza delivery guys. As with all our pizza-guy forfeits so far, these are real pizza guys delivering real pizzas. No actors, no phony-baloney. This sort of thing never happened to me when I delivered pizzas. Amber, Sassy, and Kandie play basketball to determine which two will do the honors.

Strip No-Name with Candle and Kimberly 10/18/2011
Candle and Kimberly are here to play this game which (as yet) has no name, involving sliding colored pucks at each other while a computerized voice shouts at them. It's a lot of fun, and quite challenging. I love these two girls. Not only are they both hot, they've got great banter. They're quick with a taunt. And one of them is going to end up awfully exposed. I had my lovely but chaste production assistant Prudella comb through porno magazines looking for explicit poses, which she cut out and put in an envelope. The loser of this one has to pick three of them at random, and imitate the poses on them. For Kimberly, at least, this would be kind of a big deal. See, Kimberly's a model, but up until now she's only done "Playboy-style" nudes, that is, with her legs nicely closed. To do the kind of show-everything open-leg poses typically found in porno mags would be something she's never done before... and she really preferred to keep it that way. I had to talk pretty fast to get her to agree to risk it. Despite the fact that I was really hoping she'd lose and give all of us at the very first unobstructed view of her privates, this game was completely fair and not rigged in any way. If Kimberly won, she'd escape with her modesty and dignity intact. Did she?

Strip Jarvis with Zayda and Amber Heavens 10/18/2011
What the heck is Jarvis, you ask? Hang on a sec, I'll get to that. There's backstory to this game. For the full details, see our blog at, but in a nutshell, Amber Heavens (formerly known as Naomi, formerly known as Kat) had retired from being in front of the camera, but she really really wanted to go to a particular concert. I, on the other hand, really really wanted to see her eat pussy, which she in turn really really didn't want to do, so we made a bet. One fair game, vs. Zayda, and if she lost, she'd be down on the ground munching carpet. I ran a poll on the blog asking whether they should play a game of skill or a game of chance. Chance won 57%-42%, so I came up with Jarvis. One girl is black cards, the other is red cards. The cards are spread out facedown, and the girls take turns drawing cards until three of one color are drawn, and that girl has to strip. Or, more accurately, that girl gets stripped by the other girl.

Ice Race with Mo and Lola 10/18/2011
This is only the second Ice Race we've had at (the first one was all the way back at episode 127) but it won't be the last... these things are invariably hilarious. Two girls, clad in only bra and panties. One hotel room. One ice machine, not terribly close to the room. Two empty buckets. First girl to fill her bucket with ice wins. Of course, she has nothing to carry the ice in, except her underwear, so she has to stuff it as full as possible before making a mad dash back to the room to dump the ice into the bucket. Repeat until one girl wins, and two girls are very cold and wet. The loser gets her clothes stripped off while the winner doodles our slogan on her back, then covers her nipples with duct tape and her crotch with a thong, and they head down to the bar for a drink. Oh, and one other thing: the loser gets a remote-control vibrator stuck in the front of her thong. (Sadly, hotel security took a dim view of this, and made her remove it... the vibrator, not the thong.) Good times, and a pair of very nice tits swinging free in public.

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