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Strip Blackjack with Chrissy and Kym 02/27/2012
These popular cuties return for their second game. It's a simple game of blackjack, with the loser of each hand having to strip. They keep playing until a naked girl loses, and as her penalty, she gets hogtied and vibrated to orgasm. (She's a good sport about it, and tries to get into it and put on a good show for the audience.)

Strip Starving Hippos with Bijou, Jane, Elise, and Zayda 02/27/2012
This one's a bit of a smorgasbord, with several different facets. First, there's the stripping method. Each girl wears three pieces of clothing, and each time she gets a marble, she gets to draw a card from a field containing two of each article of clothing everyone's wearing. The first time a card for a piece of clothing is drawn, the girl has to take that piece off. The second time, that piece of clothing gets shredded by the winners. They play until two losers have all their clothes destroyed, and then they have to play a penalty game: an orgasm race, with the two ladies straddling the massager, trying not to be the first one to come. One of the losers had never used this particular brand (which is not in any way associated with this production) of massager before, but confidently opined that nothing could force her to orgasm against her will. She was wrong. Finally, the loser, still bathed in the afterglow of her orgasm, has her hands cuffed behind her back, whereupon she is tickled for five solid minutes. Fun

Strip Screw-Your-Neighbor with Zayda, Lucretia, Ashley, Elise, and Natalia 02/27/2012
Three fan-favorite girls return (including a much-requested matchup, Ashley and Zayda) along with new hotties Lucretia and Natalia. They play Screw-Your-Neighbor suddendeath style: each girl has two tokens, and when she loses a round, she loses a token. If she doesn't have any tokens to lose, she has to take off all her clothes and be tickled by the group. At least, that was the plan. Sometimes, things work out differently than planned.

Snip Surgery with Julie, Elizabeth, and Claire 02/27/2012
Beautiful Claire. There's definitely something about Clairy, something about her short mop of hair or her dimpled smile, but whatever it is, she's very real and very compelling. She's also one of the girls I've had the most requests to see more of. Unfortunately, I haven't heard from her in over two years, despite repeated attempts to get in touch with her. It seems tragically likely that I'm not going to see her in front of my camera again. Fortunately for the world, though, I found this "lost episode" featuring her, showcasing all her traits that make her so awesome. (I don't want to take anything away from her opponents, Elizabeth and Julie, both of whom are entirely awesome in their own right, but they've made repeat appearances.) It's a long one but a good one. The three girls play Surgery, with the losers having their clothes cut off of them by the winners. They keep playing when naked, until a naked girl loses again. The other two girls get to deliver a bare-handed spanking, each winner taking one cheek. And they'd better do a good job, because when they're done, Troy (offscreen) judges which one did a better job of reddening her designated cheek. The loser of that has to take a spanking from the other two.

Ice Race with Mo and Lola 10/18/2011
This is only the second Ice Race we've had at (the first one was all the way back at episode 127) but it won't be the last... these things are invariably hilarious. Two girls, clad in only bra and panties. One hotel room. One ice machine, not terribly close to the room. Two empty buckets. First girl to fill her bucket with ice wins. Of course, she has nothing to carry the ice in, except her underwear, so she has to stuff it as full as possible before making a mad dash back to the room to dump the ice into the bucket. Repeat until one girl wins, and two girls are very cold and wet. The loser gets her clothes stripped off while the winner doodles our slogan on her back, then covers her nipples with duct tape and her crotch with a thong, and they head down to the bar for a drink. Oh, and one other thing: the loser gets a remote-control vibrator stuck in the front of her thong. (Sadly, hotel security took a dim view of this, and made her remove it... the vibrator, not the thong.) Good times, and a pair of very nice tits swinging free in public.

Ashton and Mia play Strip Hi-Lo 10/18/2011
Ah, these two. The very first girls ever to play at, and two of my favorites. They're just so cute. When I first met them, they were pretty shy, and weren't willing to risk even opening their legs on camera. I eventually managed to talk them into it, and one of them ended up having to scissor open her legs for our viewing pleasure. Not too happy with that, she challenge the winner to a rematch... and lost that one, too. Now they're back, with the double loser trying yet again to get her friend to show off what she had to show off. To make the experience even more revealing, the winner will not only have to open her legs, she'll have to remove her pussy hair, to make sure everyone can see everything. This was the last game they played, and the last chance for the loser to get her revenge.

Battlestrip with Mariah and Liliana 10/18/2011
Welcome two more new girls to Mariah and Liliana. (Liliana is not to be confused with either Lily or Liilii.) For their debut, they play a simple game of Battlestrip. Lose a ship, lose a garment. (To speed up the game, the outermost squares of the board are off-limits.) And the loser? The winner gets to sit on her face while the loser is forced to pleasure her with her tongue. Yummy! Need to know who lost?

Strip Jarvis with Maia and Catherine 10/18/2011
Maia and Catherine return to finish off their set of three games. One girl is looking to complete the sweep, the other is looking to avoid getting skunked. They play a game of pure chance. If you don't remember, here's a quick refresher on Jarvis: one girl is red, the other is black. They take turns drawing cards from the deck. Best three out of five cards wins, and the other has to strip. To mix it up a little, I changed the rules slightly and added a joker. Drawing it means an instant win for the round. I don't usually do this (for fear of casting doubt on the games where I don't specifically mention this) but I wanted to emphasize that this game was played completely fairly. No matter how unusual or unlikely the outcome may seem, it was completely the luck of the draw.

Aurianna and Lily Loser Shaves 10/18/2011

London, Wednesday, and Kimberly play Strip Super Surgery 10/18/2011
Been awhile since we've seen these three, I figured it was time for some more of them. This game isn't regular Surgery, it's a new variant of Surgery which I found on my last excursion to the toy store and decided to name Super Surgery. In this variant, you hear the patient's heart beat as you work, and sometimes you hear it speed up and get erratic. When that happens, you need to press an "oxygen" button to calm him down, or you lose. (I think I prefer the original, though. When you touch the sides in this one, it doesn't rattle and shake, making the girls jump and squeal, like to original.) I really like the way this game turned out. The dynamic between the girls is great. The forfeit? Two naked losers answer the door for the pizza guy. As always when we've done these forfeits in the past, it's all genuine. This is a real pizza guy, not an actor, and he had no idea what he was in for when he set out to make this delivery. Good times. This was a close game... the winner just had one article of clothing left.

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