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Strip Pod Stomp with Kyle, Lumen, Julie, and Fern (HD) 10/24/2012
Brand-new game, brand-new forfeit, two brand-new players, two extremely popular returning players. Who could ask for more? Ethereal beauty Lumen returns with her friend Fern. Both are just a few weeks past their 18th birthdays. (I actually sent a copy of Fern's ID to the state Department of Licensing to verify that it was legit.) Meanwhile, Julie's back, with a friend. Julie doesn't drive, so she always arrives with a friend, usually male. Sometimes that friend is willing to participate (hi, Troy!) or even play (hi, Vince!) Kyle didn't know he'd be asked to play, but he eagerly accepted. Meanwhile, Lumen and Fern didn't even know that a guy would be playing alongside them. Lumen looks great blushing furiously as she's stripped next to Kyle, and averting her eyes from him as he's stripped. It's harder for Fern to visibly blush beneath her Latin complexion, but she does her best.

Ashley's Revenge 08/10/2012
This is a sequel to "Wednesday's Challenge", one of our most popular videos. Pissed off at being forced to strip and show everything to Victor, thanks to Wednesday's backfiring plan, Ashley challenges Wednesday to a rematch... this time with higher stakes. The loser must submit completely to the loser, and do anything she wants. Anything. The winner takes full advantage. After a quick phone call to invite over an old friend, the loser ends up utterly sexually humiliated.

Strip No-Name with Charlie and Cyndi 08/10/2012
File this one under "F", for "fucking hot". Got two new girls. They're both super-cute, but IMHO Charlie is one of the sexiest things I've ever seen. Oh Em Eff Gee. And they're drinking. Each loss costs the girl an article of clothing, and makes her take a drink. (Full disclosue: "a drink" turned out to be "a few sips of champagne." They added up, though.) Oh, and the game. It's not new, but we still don't have a name for it. Suggestions welcome. Post 'em on our blog. It may end up being just "No-Name Game."

Mary and Amber play Strip Mogadishu 08/10/2012
Oh, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Mogadishu?? Man, I love that game!" Or maybe you're thinking "what the hell is Mogadishu?" Not surprising, considering that I made it up. Don't worry, it's nothing fancy, it's basically Rock-Paper-Scissors, ony with five throws instead of three. Click here to see how it works. If you've been following Mary and Amber, you know that one of the girls is having one hell of a losing streak. She hopes to turn it around this time... and to get revenge for all the forfeits she's had to endure. To that end, the forfeit for this one is kind of open ended: the winner of the game gets to do whatever she wants. Let me repeat that. The winner of this game gets to do Whatever. She. Wants.

Strip Air Hockey with Aubrey, Belle, Cherry, and Devon 08/10/2012
Julie came up to pay a visit with nine of her close friends, and this is the first game that was played that day. Four of the girls play a fast-paced game of air hockey. They start off 2 vs. 2, with the teams forcing the other team to strip each other with every point scored. Once we have two losers, they play each other 1-on-1, stark naked, until somebody's scored three points.

Strip Blackjack with Chrissy and Kym 02/27/2012
These popular cuties return for their second game. It's a simple game of blackjack, with the loser of each hand having to strip. They keep playing until a naked girl loses, and as her penalty, she gets hogtied and vibrated to orgasm. (She's a good sport about it, and tries to get into it and put on a good show for the audience.)

Strip Memory with Amani, Tiana, and Alicia 02/27/2012
Smokin' hot Tiana returns, and she brings two friends with her. And for their inaugural game, they'll be playing for high stakes indeed. The loser of this one is going to lose her ass, literally. Roll out the welcome mat on the back door, because whoever's memory is not up to par will get herself fucked in a very uncomfortable place, and I don't mean the back of a Volkswagen. These girls have great rapport and it's a real pleasure watching them play. It's even more of a pleasure watching them lose, and strip, and finally get buggered. Need to know who lost?

Strip Starving Hippos with Bijou, Jane, Elise, and Zayda 02/27/2012
This one's a bit of a smorgasbord, with several different facets. First, there's the stripping method. Each girl wears three pieces of clothing, and each time she gets a marble, she gets to draw a card from a field containing two of each article of clothing everyone's wearing. The first time a card for a piece of clothing is drawn, the girl has to take that piece off. The second time, that piece of clothing gets shredded by the winners. They play until two losers have all their clothes destroyed, and then they have to play a penalty game: an orgasm race, with the two ladies straddling the massager, trying not to be the first one to come. One of the losers had never used this particular brand (which is not in any way associated with this production) of massager before, but confidently opined that nothing could force her to orgasm against her will. She was wrong. Finally, the loser, still bathed in the afterglow of her orgasm, has her hands cuffed behind her back, whereupon she is tickled for five solid minutes. Fun

Strip Funky Dice with RyAnne and Lily 02/27/2012
Our unshaven brunette and voluptuous redhead return to play a brand-new game. Let me know what you think of it. The girls roll a set of 19 dice, each with a picture on each of its faces. They then look at the pictures and compete to be the first to pick out a compound word, two or more pictures that can go together to form a single word or concept. The winner gets to remove something from the loser.

Snip Surgery with Julie, Elizabeth, and Claire 02/27/2012
Beautiful Claire. There's definitely something about Clairy, something about her short mop of hair or her dimpled smile, but whatever it is, she's very real and very compelling. She's also one of the girls I've had the most requests to see more of. Unfortunately, I haven't heard from her in over two years, despite repeated attempts to get in touch with her. It seems tragically likely that I'm not going to see her in front of my camera again. Fortunately for the world, though, I found this "lost episode" featuring her, showcasing all her traits that make her so awesome. (I don't want to take anything away from her opponents, Elizabeth and Julie, both of whom are entirely awesome in their own right, but they've made repeat appearances.) It's a long one but a good one. The three girls play Surgery, with the losers having their clothes cut off of them by the winners. They keep playing when naked, until a naked girl loses again. The other two girls get to deliver a bare-handed spanking, each winner taking one cheek. And they'd better do a good job, because when they're done, Troy (offscreen) judges which one did a better job of reddening her designated cheek. The loser of that has to take a spanking from the other two.

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