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Jerk-A-Mole with Julie and Kandie (HD) 10/24/2012
Here's a battle between two tiny-titted girls, with permanent consequences, at least for the winner. They play the game of Jerk-a-Mole, which is kind of like Whac-a-Mole, except you use dildos instead of mallets. The loser has to submit to being thoroughly fucked by her "mallet". The rules didn't say the winner could finger the loser's clit as well, but she took it on herself to do it anyway.

Strip Mogadishu with Brianna and Angel (HD) 10/24/2012
Having a bun in the oven hasn't proved very lucky for 5-months pregnant Angel, who's now 0-for-2 against Brianna. Will the third time be a charm? The two play Mogadishu, our rock-paper-scissors variant with five throws instead of three. The winner of each round gets to pick a piece of clothing and take it off the loser herself. The ultimate loser has to fuck herself with a glass dildo while we watch. The winner grabs a video camera for some nice intimate closeups.


Strip Snapper with Nyssa, Ember, Chelsea, and Jessie HD 10/24/2012
Two professional models and two amateurs return for a free-for-all that ends in an interesing forfeit. It's Strip Snapper, as the girls struggle to catch each other's fish. Whoever loses all her fish loses a piece of clothing. They play until two girls are the losers, and then the winners get to give them a good railing with strap-ons.

Strip Croc 'n' Balls with Leda, Alice, and Marie 10/24/2012
These three return to play a game of Croc 'n' Balls. They take turns trying to putt a ball into the croc's mouth. Make it, and the other two strip. They play until there are two losers. Then the winner gets to sit down and have her feet worshiped by the other two, which they do for about ten minutes. I've had a number of requests for foot worship videos over the years, and I'm still not sure I've quite got it right.

Strip Team Noname with Jessie, Nyssa, Ember, and Chelsea (HD) 10/24/2012
So here's an interesting one. Some of the players at are experienced professional models, while others are complete amateurs. A fan named realnot posted on the blog ( asking if I'd ever do a pro vs. amateur game. I told him I didn't think it was likely before realizing that this one here fits the bill pretty well. We last saw Jessie when she was giving a ride to Tiana and her friends, then got talked into playing a couple of games. She returns with her friend Chelsea. They're the amateurs, and they're joined by new girls Ember and Nyssa, both of whom have a lot more modeling experience under their belts.

Strip O'Connell with Lumen, Xena, and Salem (HD) 10/24/2012
We first met young, fresh-faced Lumen and Salem playing their first game not too long ago. They return for another outing, this time joined by tatted geek Xena. The game is Strip O'Connell, as the players slide their pucks and try to get the best score. Lowest score takes something off. (In the event of a tie, whoever's still got the most clothes loses something.)

Strip Croc 'n' Balls: Boys vs. Girls 10/24/2012
Whitney and Alexis return to take on AJ and Tony in another battle of the sexes. Last time, the girls lost, and ended up getting their asses tanned by the gleeful boys. This time, they're out for revenge, and the stakes are higher.

Strip Mogadishu with Tiana and Chrissy (HD) 10/24/2012
Chrissy and Tiana are back to play a high-stakes game of Mogadishu. (It's like rock-paper-scissors, except with five throws instead of three.) The loser has to endure a strap-on fucking by the winner. One of these girls (Chrissy) had never used a strap-on before and was quite eager to give it a try.

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