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Strip Jester with Erin and Betty Jo 05/16/2011
Two more new girls arrive to try their luck at For their first game, they're playing a game of skill and memory. Whose memory will prove superior, whose fringers will prove surer? The other one will become intimately acquainted with the official Lost Bets Productions Glass Dildo (pat. pend.)

Strip High Card with Penny and Samantha 04/26/2011
A fan recently asked me if we'd be seeing any more of these two anytime soon, and I had to tell him that I didn't have any more games they played on tap. Fortunately I was wrong... browsing through my old footage I found this one hiding. It's a simple game of high card, played with the ladies starting in vintage lingerie that they'd brought along. And the winner gets to shave the loser's pussy bare. I have to tell you... the shaving takes a lot longer than it needed to, because I provided the girls with woefully inadequate equipment.

Darts with Ashley and Amber 04/26/2011
These two are trying something a little bit different this time... this idea was suggested by a fan, and I figured it'd be worth a try. You'll have to judge for yourself how well it worked, but in the meantime... if you have ideas, if there's something you think would make a great stripping game or a great forfeit, post about it on the blog or email it to us! They're here to play darts. Each girl throws three darts, and the lowest combined score loses. The twist is that the stripping is all-or-nothing... the loser doesn't lose a piece of clothing, she loses one of her five chips. If she doesn't have any chips to lose, she loses the game and her clothes. The winner gets to strip her naked. Then it's off to the showers, where the winner gets to scrub the loser clean all over. If you need to know who lost, it was Amber.

Amber and Ashley play Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors 04/26/2011
Ashley's back!!! It's been quite a while (almost 10 months) since she last risked her clothes for us. In that time 23 new girls and 2 guys have risked their clothing and modesty. This time she faces off against Amber. First up is a game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with the losert going over the winner's knee for 10 swats to each cheek. Since Amber's initial series with Mary (which she lost way more than she won), she has found some success in our games (managing to only lose once in the series with Elise, Lily, and Sean). Will her winning ways continue or will the veteran Ashley take her back down a peg. Really want to know who wins: It's a close one as both girls end up bottomless, but in the end, it's Ashley who prevails.

Strip Thud with Wednesday, Kimberly, and London 04/26/2011
Strip Thud? Yeah, it's a new game. There's a hollow cylinder with a bunch of plastic rods jammed through it, and a bunch of marbles resting on top of the rods. When it's your turn, you remove a rod and hope that you don't cause any marbles to fall... for each one that does, you lose a piece. You may have seen this game (without the stripping) in the Bill Murray vehicle The Man Who Knew Too Little. Personally I think I'll need to tweak the rules a bit before I use this game again, but it still turned out pretty well, even though one of the players was a blatant cheater.

Strip Barracuda with Elizabeth and Kala 04/26/2011
I had these two play a new game, which needs some tweaking but I think it has potential. Here's how it works. Each girl has a row of four face-down cards. They play rock-paper-scissors, and the winner gets to turn over her first card. She can choose to change the card for a random one off the deck or keep it. Then she guesses whether the next card in her row will be higher or lower. If she's right, she can keep going. If she makes it to the end of her row, she wins the round and the other girl has to strip. (She also has the option to "freeze" rather than keep going, but neither girl used this option so don't worry about it for now. Like I said, the game needs some tweaking.)

Starvin' Hippos with Stacey, Addie, Lily, and Mary 04/26/2011
These four are back to play a brand new game... Starvin' Starvin' Hippos. The rules: four balls are put onto the playing field, then the girls frantically try to gobble them up with their hippos. Anybody left without a ball at the end loses, and has to strip. The girls have a lot of fun with this one; the banter is top-notch. The forfeit is also new: two naked losers have to perform fellatio on bananas. It's all fun and games until one of them goes all Lorena Bobbitt on her poor banana, and then things degenerate into a messy banana fight.

Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors vs Kala & Elizabeth 04/26/2011
Please welcome back Kala, whom we haven't seen in over a year! Last time, she was playing games against her sister Ashley. This time, she faces off against veteran Elizabeth, with the loser getting her ass tanned. It's just a simple game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Once a girl is naked she keeps on playing... it's only if she loses again while already naked that she gets the forfeit.... a full twenty strokes with the paddle. The winner starts off with gentle swats gradually increasing in magnitude as she goes up to 20.

Ashton and Mia play Battlestrip 04/26/2011
Each ship on the board represents a specific piece of clothing, and when that ship is sunk, that piece is lost, so those of you who like it when the clothes can come off in any order should be happy. Battlestrip, it turns out, can take like 40 minutes, so to speed things up, I forbade the girls from putting ships in any of the squares around the edge of the board. And the girls played it where if you scored a hit you got to go again, which I'm not sure is strictly according to Hoyle, but whatever, y'know?

Strip Four-in-a-Row with Sammy and Julie 04/26/2011
This is a first: the first (and so far only) game played for where I wasn't there holding a camera. I had to drive Ashton and Mia home, so directorial duties were taken over by Prudella, my production assistant. Did she do a good job? You be the judge. It's long red hair vs. long blonde hair in this match of Four-in-a-Row. The game itself was a weird mix of brilliant strategy and blind stupidity on the part of the players... you'll see what I mean. The forfeit? The loser drizzles all over the winner's feet, then has to lick it off.

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