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Strip Bizz-Buzz with Bijou, Jane, Elise and Zayda 02/27/2012
Bizz-Buzz! Count the numbers, note which ones are multiples of 3 and/or 5. Doesn't sound that hard, does it? Some people have a harder time of it than others. Four girls play. Two girls lose. Two girls win, and take strap-ons to the losers. Neat, huh? One of these girls is without question the absolute worst Bizz-Buzz player I've ever seen. Since you can't play Bizz-Buzz with three, she had to stay in after she'd lost all her clothes. First, they gave her a mini-forfeit each time she lost again. Then, realizing that the game might never end, they started ignoring her wrong answers. Finally, somebody else loses and it's on to the forfeit. There's one small catch. One of the ladies had a boyfriend's birthday that day, and as her present to him involved a lot of sweaty and interesting activities that night, she wanted to be nice and tight for him. So she asked that if she lost, she just get the dildo in her mouth, and since she wouldn't play otherwise and you can't play Bizz-Buzz with three, I agreed. Everybody else's pussies were fair targets for the winners' prongs.

Estonian Roulette with Erin and Betty Jo 02/27/2012
Last time, one of these girls was forced to stick a glass dildo in her pussy. She's pissed and out for revenge. They play Estonian Roulette... if you don't remember, they take turns rolling a bunch of dice until one of them fails to roll a 6, and then she has to strip. The winner gets to do whatever she wants to the loser.

Battlestrip with Lily and RyAnne 02/27/2012
Voluptuous redhead RyAnne. Petite hippie Lily. Back to play a high-stakes game of Battlestrip, at least for the loser. As the ships sink, the clothes come off, until the naked loser is forced to lie back while the winner uses a vibrating dildo on her until she can't hold back her orgasm. The loser is ...

Strip Word Scramble with Kandie, Sassy, and Amber 02/27/2012
Three hot girls. One new game. One kinky forfeit. There are five little electronic box-shaped doohickeys, each with an LCD display and the ability to tell which ones it's next to. When they start, a letter appears on each box, and they have to arrange them to spell a five-letter word. Succeed, and it's the next person's turn. Fail, and strip. The two winners get to gang up on the loser and do what they want with her. Want to know what they did? They attached a leg spreader to her, then fingered her until she lost control and came. It's a fun game with I think a lot of potential. And the forfeit is pretty smokin'. Need to know who lost?

Strip Fuck-It with Britney S and Hollis 02/27/2012
Britney S. and Hollis are back for their sophomore game. Last time, somebody got wrapped in plastic. This time, the loser's body gets covered in something too, but it's a whole lot stickier. They play Fuck-It and the clothes come off. The girls keep playing when naked, until a naked girl loses again. And she has to be a human sundae. She lies on the ground as the winner covers her with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, cherries, and other assorted toppings. And takes a few bites for good measure. Finally, we get to see the loser trying to scrub herself clean in the shower.

The Pizza Trilogy Part III 02/27/2012
The Pizza Trilogy concludes with a bang. First, two girls had to answer the door naked for the pizza guy. Then three. This time, only one... but she has to do more than answer the door for him. She has to invite him in for a lap dance. And I want to emphasize: this is completely freakin' real. This was a real pizza guy, we didn't give him any warning, and we had no idea if he'd accept or not. As it turns out, we got the same pizza guy that we had for Episode II. He swears that he didn't see the address on the order and make sure that he took it, but I'm not sure. He did see our camera again. And, thankfully, he was a good sport and was willing to come inside and claim his prize.

Strip Jester with Kat and Daisy 02/27/2012
Last time we saw this foursome, it was the guys playing for the honor of their ladies. This time, the women take things into their own hands. It's a simple game of Jester, girl vs. girl. The men are in the background watching with great interest, though... because the loser is going to have to give the winner's boyfriend a blowjob. The loser's boyfriend can do nothing but watch as his girlfriend pays for her bad memory on her knees.

Strip Basketball with Elise, Jane, Zayda, and Bijou 02/27/2012
Okay, so let me set the stage here. I hate rigging the games, or interfering with their fair play. But on the other hand, sometimes I really, really want a particular player to lose... maybe because she's had a ridiculous winning streak and has so far managed to escape suffering an embarrassing forfeit. So one of my favorite tricks is to play a completely fair game, but make the rule that whoever wins a round gets to pick somebody to take something off. Usually, I don't even have to mention that this rule makes it possible for the girls to gang up on an unfortunate victim. Usually, I see evil grins and sidelong glances on the faces of the players as they realize the opportunity before them. And usually, the girl I wanted to lose ends up losing. In this case, whoever loses this game of Strip Basketball is going to get attacked by the other three, using a wide assortment of toys from the collection I've amassed over the years. And I was really looking forward to seeing Zayda get the treatment. I thought for sure she wouldn't stand a chance. But Zayda is skillful, clever, and cunning. She made shots when she needed to, wheedled the other players into choosing other girls to strip, and in the end, put herself in a position to win. I was standing dumbfounded behind a camera as she lined up for a shot that would send some other poor girl to the fate I'd planned for her

Strip Noname with Britney S and Hollis 02/27/2012
Please welcome two lovely girls making their first appearance at For their debut game, they play this classic fast-paced puck-sliding game. The loser has to do a variant of the nearly-naked bar walk. This was in the morning and the bar was closed, so she had to go get breakfast instead. Rather than a thong and duct-tape pasties, she gets a tube top and miniskirt made out of palette wrap. (Despite me telling them not to, they repeatedly referred to the stuff as "Saran Wrap

You Bet Your Ass! with Johnny and Kat 02/27/2012
Once upon a time, we filmed a game show in front of a live studio audience. Because of certain complications we aren't free to show you all of You Bet Your Ass!, but we'll bring you what we can. (Don't worry, though. Plans are under way for You Bet Your Ass, Too! and rest assured it'll be awesome.) Hosting the show were Johnny Niceguy, who didn't look at all like a used car salesman, and his lovely assistant Kat. Before each round of play, Johnny and Kat demonstrated the game with a quick match against each other, with the clothes coming off as they lost. They played a stonking great 5 games between them, with the last one being for all the marbles. While the initial forfeit was "winner's choice", the wager was settled by the end of the evening to include; bondage, spankings, sticky stuff, anal beads and oral sex. If you want to know who had to do which, read the spoiler (but trust us, you'll enjoy the game a lot more if you don't read the spoiler). These games (and the events following) were not in any way rigged, the wager was real, and both Johnny and Kat played to win.

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