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Strip Pod Stomp with Serengeli, Jerome, Fern, and Jelly (HD) 07/19/2013
Fresh meat! Fern is back, and she's brought friends. There's her boyfriend Jerome -- at least, he was her boyfriend at the time. I don't know if they're still together. There's Jelly, mere weeks past her eighteenth birthday. Adn there's Serengeli, the only one of this group old enough to drink.

Strip Spinner with Ten Girls 07/19/2013
In an epic followup to epic episode 301, the ten girls return to compete in a game of pure chance: Strip Spinner. When the dial lands on your color, you have to strip.

Strip Noname with Candle and Tori (HD) 07/19/2013
Two of my personal favorite girls, dimpled blonde Candle and amply-endowed redhead Tori, face off one-on-one for the first time. It's a fast-paced, high-stakes game of Noname, as the clothes come off and the players get closer and closer to complete nudity and disgrace.

Strip Memory with Fern, Jelly, and Serengeli (HD) 07/19/2013
18-year-old Fern, 18-year-old Jelly, and 22-year-old Serengeli are back, to test their memories against each other. (18-year-old Jerome sits this one out and spectates. Nobody particularly wanted him to do the forfeit for this one.)

Strip Pod Stomp with Ashley and Whitney (HD) 07/19/2013
It's two hot blondes squaring off in a rousing game of Pod Stomp. Lovely Ashley, one of the very first players here at, popular and prolific, faces Whitney, whom we haven't seen in almost a year. They're two great girls who really get into the game.

Strip Hi-Lo with Ten Girls and Five Guys (HD) 07/19/2013
Behold our biggest game yet! Fifteen (count 'em) players gather to play a mammoth game of Hi-Lo. A big card is propped on an easel, and the players take turns guessing whether the next card will be higher or lower. Guess wrong, lose an article of clothing.

Strip Dice Section with Julie, Lumen, and Fern (HD) 07/19/2013
It's the second of our two Snow Day games, where we made the poor losers go out and suffer the rare Seattle snows we were experiencing. I don't think many people will contradict me when I say that these are three of our very cutest girls playing, with lucky Kyle getting to sit off to the side and be a spectator. (He also gets to help out with the forfeit. More on that later.)

Strip Croc 'n' Balls with Rainy and Ember (HD) 10/24/2012
Okay, here's one that pushes a boundary or two. We haven't seen Rainy in a year. Last time she played here, she was nine months pregnant. She literally gave birth (to a happy, healthy boy) the week after. Well, time has passed, she's gotten her figure back, and she's ready to play again. Some people thought it was sick or perverse for Rainy to be featured here in her condition. If you're one of those, you may want to stop reading here. As it turns out, Ember (last seen trying to resist a forced orgasm against Chelsea) is Rainy's sister, and Rainy came by to pick Ember up after her games. Remembering the successful and popular series of games Ashley played against her sister Kala, I asked if the two of them would like to play against each other. "Okay", said one of them, "but our limits would be way tighter with each other." I nodded; both girls had fairly permissive limits and I didn't expect either to get too dirty with her own sister. "Yeah," said the other, "nothing harder than a forced orgasm."

Strip Snapper with Kodak, Bibi, Tori, and Cody (HD) 10/24/2012
When these four made their debut in episode 237, they were an instant hit with the fans, and it's not hard to see why. They return for their second game, and I really doubt that it will hurt their popularity in any way.

Strip Air Pong with Julie and Kyle vs. Fern and Lumen 10/24/2012
Okay, first of all, what's "Air Pong"? It's like beer pong, except the cups are filled with air instead of beer. Fern and Lumen are both 18, too young to legally drink alcohol in the United States, so this was the best we could do. The stakes are high.

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