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Strip Blackjack with Mika, Sammy, and Julie 10/18/2011
Vince (last seen pussy-pumping a masked Jaime) returns to deal blackjack to these three lovely ladies. It's a simple game: lose to the dealer, lose a piece of clothing. They play until there are two naked losers. The winner gets a camera, and films the losers masturbating for her amusement (and ours).

Snip Memory with Zayda and Holly 10/18/2011
Introducing new girl Holly, playing Snip Memory against returning girl Zayda. New guy Dick and returning guy Franco are also in this one, although as scissors-wielding spectators rather than players. I need to say something about Holly. Actually, I'll let someone else say something about Holly: "I'm surprised she has enough brains to breathe. I'm surprised she doesn't drown in the shower." Nice girl, but about as sharp as a sack of wet mice, if you take my meaning. If you like 'em cute and stupid, Holly's your type. (Oh, you can probably throw "slutty" in the mix as well. Her protestations of "no, don't, I'm so embarrassed" whenever she loses sound really hollow.) This is Snip Memory, meaning that whenever a girl's clothing cards are matched, one of the guys gets to cut it off of her. (This means you want to match the other girl's cards, not your own... a concept a little too advanced for Holly to grasp, but frankly I think all of the ones she matched were a matter of sheer coincidence rather than skill, so it doesn't really matter.)

Ashton and Mia play Strip High Card 08/22/2011
Presenting a very special treat! Ashton and Mia were the first two girls ever to bet their clothes on, and they're still among the fan favorites. They return for the first time in awhile to put it all on the line.

Strip Elefino with Je C and Maya 08/22/2011
Please welcome new girl Je C as she faces off against returning Maya, in our butterfly-catching game. It turns out that this was a pretty unfair choice of game, as one girl has a definite advantage over the other. Oh well.

Ashley and Amber play Strip High Card 08/22/2011
Two of my personal favorites return to play our simplest game: high card. Each girl draws a card, lower card takes off a piece of clothing, simple, right?

Strip Elefino with Mika, Sammy, and Julie 08/22/2011
Elefino is fast becoming one of my favorite games. It's playful, frantic, and it gets the girls up and moving. These three girls return to give it a try, and like usual with these three, the cuteness level is unbearably high.Two of these girls are going to end up naked losers, and the winner is going to put them through a rigorous and very revealing calisthenics routine. The losers don't have many secrets left after the lengthy ordeal.

Strip Jarvis with Asia M and Je C 08/22/2011
Je C and Maya bumped into Asia M. in the elevator and invited her back to the room. Maya had to go, but Je C stuck around for Asia M's initiation: a quickie game of Jarvis, with a quickie forfeit of paddling.

Strip Four-in-a-Row with Addie and Malloy 08/22/2011
I teased this game a long time ago, and I'm pleased to finally publish it. These two cuties square off in a game of skill, and the loser has to ride the sybian until she comes.

Strip Fuck-It with Serena, Amani, Tiana, and Alicia 08/22/2011
New girl Serena joins her three friends. Serena wasn't willing to put her ass on the line, but this time she's risking taking a double-headed dildo with the other loser, which is almost as good. Or maybe better. What's really special about this forfeit is that neither of the losers had any idea how to use this toy, but they were good sports and experimented. We get to watch as they gradually figure out the best (and, need I add, hottest) ways for two girls to fuck each other with a double-header. It's hot. This one gets my highest recommendation.

Amber and Mary play Battlestrip 08/22/2011
This one's sat in the vaults for awhile. This was the very last game played between Amber and Mary on the day that led up to their groundbreaking game of Strip Mogadishu. As those who followed that series recall, one of the girls was on one hell of a losing streak. She told the winner she was going to "make you do to yourself what you did to me." Is she victorious, or does she end up naked yet again, masturbating while the camera rolls?

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