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London, Wednesday, and Kimberly play Strip Super Surgery 10/18/2011
Been awhile since we've seen these three, I figured it was time for some more of them. This game isn't regular Surgery, it's a new variant of Surgery which I found on my last excursion to the toy store and decided to name Super Surgery. In this variant, you hear the patient's heart beat as you work, and sometimes you hear it speed up and get erratic. When that happens, you need to press an "oxygen" button to calm him down, or you lose. (I think I prefer the original, though. When you touch the sides in this one, it doesn't rattle and shake, making the girls jump and squeal, like to original.) I really like the way this game turned out. The dynamic between the girls is great. The forfeit? Two naked losers answer the door for the pizza guy. As always when we've done these forfeits in the past, it's all genuine. This is a real pizza guy, not an actor, and he had no idea what he was in for when he set out to make this delivery. Good times. This was a close game... the winner just had one article of clothing left.

Aurianna and Lily Loser Shaves 10/18/2011

Strip Noname with Sammy and Julie 10/18/2011
Ah, Julie... sweet, innocent Julie. A fan favorite, and one of my personal favorites as well. Cute, shy, and strawberry blonde, what's not to like? (Although I don't want to take anything away from her opponent, smokin' hot redhead Sammy.) When I first met Julie, she wouldn't even risk opening her legs for the camera. Gradually I've been able to talk her into putting more and more daring forfeits on the line, but I still can't believe I was able to talk her into this one. I you not about this: she was only willing to risk getting her pussy vibrated by Sammy on the condition that I not film it. I was not allowed in the room. Instead, Prudella operated one camera while the other sat stationary on a tripod. So if you've got issues with the videography, take it up with Prudie and Julie. There was, however, somebody else in the room while the forfeit was being performed, but I won't spoil it for you

Penny and Samantha play Strip Dice 10/18/2011
So far, Penny has managed to escape nudity. Will her luck hold out again? She'd better hope so, for the loser of this one is going to get vibrated to ecstasy with the Magic Wand. A simple game of dice, low roller loses a piece of clothing... with the winner getting to take it off of the loser. Good luck, Samantha!

Strip Fuck-It with Lola and Mo 10/18/2011
Please welcome two new girls. Feisty blonde Mo pairs off against curvy brunette Lola. (For those of you keeping track at home, this means we now have a Lily, a Lola, a Liilii, and a Liliana. Try not to get them confused.) Great chemistry between these two. They play a straightfoward game of Fuck-It (although with slightly different rules than usual. You'll see.) The loser gets her pussy pumped. Works out pretty well, too.

Zayda plays Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors against YOU 10/18/2011
Here's another POV game, featuring popular and sexy Zayda playing against you in a traditional game of rock-paper-scissors. Not too much more to say about this one, other than that it's short and sweet, and the loser has to put on a show, exposing every part of his or her body, leaving no secrets and nothing to the imagination.

Strip Fuck-It with Claire, Elizabeth, and Julie 10/18/2011
These three are back, to play a brand new game for the first time. And that's not all that'll be happening for the first time... First, the game. Obviously that's not its real name, which is a trademark, but here's how it works. As you hold the thing, it gives you instructions: "pull it!" or "spin it!" or "flick it!", etc, and it has things for pulling, spinning, and flicking and so forth. Sometimes it tells you to "pass it", and you hand it off to the next girl and pray that somebody else fucks up before it gets to you. And the girls really wanted to win this one. The contestants at vary on what they're willing to risk, and these three are among our shyest. In their previous games, neither Julie nor Elizabeth has been willing to open her legs as a penalty for losing... they just did not want to show off "that" part to the camera and the world. (Claire, of course, has never opened her legs on camera because she's never been naked on camera before, except during her last game.) I had to talk really fast to get these three to accept. Julie especially was extremely reluctant to put it all on the line. Up until the cameras started rolling I was worried that she'd back out. (Full disclosure: I gave the girls the forfeit in an envelope, but they knew it'd involve leg-spreading.) If you see any apprehension or nervousness on the part of the players, that ain't acting. And their friend Troy was there to watch and enjoy the show. Three girls enter. Only one girl keeps her modesty. This one is one of my personal favorites, and I hope you like it too.

Battlestrip with Mariah and Liliana 10/18/2011
Welcome two more new girls to Mariah and Liliana. (Liliana is not to be confused with either Lily or Liilii.) For their debut, they play a simple game of Battlestrip. Lose a ship, lose a garment. (To speed up the game, the outermost squares of the board are off-limits.) And the loser? The winner gets to sit on her face while the loser is forced to pleasure her with her tongue. Yummy! Need to know who lost?

Strip Candy Passing with Julie, Sammy, and Mika 10/18/2011
Sweet Julie and sexy Sammy return, bringing with them new girl Miki. They're going to play Strip Candy Passing. One girl takes a candy into her mouth, then makes out with another girl. When they're done, the third girl has to guess which of the other two has the candy. If she's right, they both have to strip. If not, she has to strip. And the winners get to do whatever they want to the naked loser.

Strip Jarvis with Maia and Catherine 10/18/2011
Maia and Catherine return to finish off their set of three games. One girl is looking to complete the sweep, the other is looking to avoid getting skunked. They play a game of pure chance. If you don't remember, here's a quick refresher on Jarvis: one girl is red, the other is black. They take turns drawing cards from the deck. Best three out of five cards wins, and the other has to strip. To mix it up a little, I changed the rules slightly and added a joker. Drawing it means an instant win for the round. I don't usually do this (for fear of casting doubt on the games where I don't specifically mention this) but I wanted to emphasize that this game was played completely fairly. No matter how unusual or unlikely the outcome may seem, it was completely the luck of the draw.

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