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Strip Four in a Row with Derek and Maya 04/19/2011
Lately, has done a lot of focusing on hardcore. Nothing wrong with that, but there are fans of the softer forfeits as well, so here's a special bonus update with them in mind. These two return to try their (rather incompetent) little hands at Four-in-a-Row. Just for a twist, each girl has a small deck with a card for each item of her clothing; she has to draw one at random when she loses. The ultimate loser gets mercilessly doodled on with markers.

Estonian Roulette with Samantha and Heidi 04/19/2011
We've seen both of these brunettes before, but never together. Mature and trim vs. young and full-figured; who will win? The game is Estonian Roulette. The first player rolls a handful of dice. If at least one of them comes up 6, she's safe, and she removes one and passes the rest to the other player. Repeat until someone fails to roll a 6, and then she must strip. The winner gets to have her way with the loser, using the high-powered massager. and she does a heck of a job, forcing the loser to several toe-curling orgasms. (I lost count.)

Strip Memory with Camilla, Taylor, and Nicole 04/19/2011
I recently got a request on the blog for more Strip Memory. I'm happy to oblige. If you have requests or suggestions, don't hesitate to post about them there! These three beauties return to test their memories. My friend Dante is the Official Clothing Remover whenever a girl loses an article. They play until there are two naked losers, and then my friend Dante gets a simultaneous blowjob from the losers. My friend Dante is a lucky son-of-a-bitch. After he's enjoyed their mouths for awhile, he has them kneel and jacks off in their faces.

Strip Beer Pong with Johnny, Joe, Kat, and Daisy 04/19/2011
For a long time, fans over at our blog have been asking to see Beer Pong, and also for more boys vs. girls games. We two birds with one stone here and break in fancy new custom-made beer pong table as Johnny and Joe square off against Kat and Daisy in this battle of the sexes. Each person has four pieces of clothing and five cups. When one of the cups is hit, that person has to quaff the contents and take something off. If you're naked and your last cup is hit, you're out of the game... and if you're the first one out, you have to serve as a naked waiter (or waitress) for the others as they finish the game.

Strip Memory with Ashley and Tiana 04/19/2011
Hoo boy, was this one fun. Ashley, one of the most popular players at, returns to bet her body against newcomer Tiana (Tia for short), a statuesque ebony goddess. These two had never met before, but they hit it off like... well, you'll see. They play a game of Strip Memory. If you've seen any of Ashley's previous attempts to play Strip Memory, you might remember that she isn't very good at it. But as it turns out, Tia is quite a slouch herself. It turns out to be a very close game, but in the end, there can be only one, and she gets to have her way with the loser with the vibrator and the glass dildo, simultaneously. They discover that touching the one with the other has powerful effects. The loser's toes curl as she's brought to multiple orgasms

Kimberly, Wednesday, and London play Snip Dice 04/19/2011
These three big-breasted lovelies are back to play a game we haven't seen yet: Strip Dice. Or better, Snip Dice. The girls each roll a d20, and whoever rolls the highest number gets to cut a piece of clothing off whoever rolls the lowest. The two naked losers have to perform the Chicken Dance... only instead of flapping their arms, they have to flap their, well, you know. Ta-tas.

Strip Screw-Your-Neighbor with Ashton, Mia, Julie, and Sammy 04/19/2011
Merry Christmas! After several months of absence, these four return to play this classic multi-player card game. They play until there are two losers... and you keep playing when nude, only losing the game if you lose again while already naked. The forfeit for this one was suggested by a fan: the two losers must wear collars and leashes, and the winners get to make them do tricks.

Julie and Sammy play Strip Mogadishu against YOU 04/19/2011
love these two. They're almost unbearably cute, Julie especially. They're here to play a game of Strip Mogadishu against you on the other side of the screen. (Don't remember Mogadishu? It's like Rock-Paper-Scissors, only with five throws instead of three. For each throw the girls lose, they both have to take off a piece of clothing

Strip Memory with Maya and Derek 04/19/2011
Last time we saw Derek, she was getting her ass badly beaten by Gina all the way back in Episode 074. She's back for more from a brand opponent. Maya was a diversity hire, part of my efforts to make sure that girls of all races, creeds, colors, and tit sizes lose their clothes at Maya's the first girl of Indian descent. (That's Slurpee Indian, not casino Indian.) (If you're either and are horribly offended by this grotesque nomenclature, I apologize. I heard it in a movie and it stuck with me.)

Strip Ball-Drop with Sammy and Julie 04/19/2011
Been awhile since we've had a wet-and-messy forfeit. Time to fix that. In the past, our wet-and-messy forfeits have involved things like whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and pancake syrup. Those are fine, but variety is the spice of life, so this time the loser is going to get covered with enormous warehouse-club-sized tubs of tomato sauce and applesauce. Yummy. And also, thanks to requests from WAM fans, the loser is going to get it in her long hair, either red or strawberry blonde.

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